Every Florida gymnast had something to do with this accomplishment, and scores of the Gators who came before them had to do with it, too, helping set a foundation that helped Faehn sell her program to recruit after recruit. This may be Florida’s most talented team ever — it was certainly the highest-scoring team ever, and probably the only one that could conceivably have performed the resurrection we saw tonight — but even in gymnastics, a sport for the short, those who become great usually have to stand on the shoulders of giants to do so.

For everyone who has contributed to this championship: You did something phenomenal, something that compelled thousands of people watching an Internet stream to fist-pump in living rooms. And we can never thank you enough for that. [x]

We’ve got this.

The Univeristy of Florida: 2013 NCAA Gymnastics Champions

I’ve uploaded Bridget’s routines from today’s meet if anybody wanted to see them. A great first meet for her, hopefully we’ll see her in the AA soon.

VT: 9.925, UB: 9.80, BB: 9.80. Team total: 196.575.

Bridget Sloan makes her collegiate debut for Florida, a 9.925 on vault.

I actually didn’t know that I was the first world champion to compete in collegiate gymnastics. You know, we’ve had a ton of world champions here in the US, and it’s kind of crazy to think that they didn’t come to college. It’s probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, to keep my NCAA eligibility. - Bridget Sloan, Florida [x]

Olympic medalist, world champion and future Gator. She’s already achieved so much, and will only accomplish more when she finally gets to Florida. I’m so, so sad to see her close out her elite career like this. One of my all time faves.

Bridget Sloan sounds very confident in her interviews. She says that at one point she did doubt whether she’d continue training, but Alicia Sacramone has inspired her “probably more than she even knows.” - [x]